Nuclear Industry Executive/Consultant Update on Developments at Fukushima

The astounding pace with which astonishing events are rolling out of this end of the timeline around the world and here at home have preoccupied my days and nights the last few months, it seems. I've been hoping to catch up on things but the phase 'humanly possible' rudely interrupts my everyday agenda.

The tripled-disaster of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant destruction in Japan are not the least important of events and with a science/technology background, I'd feel compelled to commentary, if possible.

New problems emerge in Japan's nuclear power emergency

Freedom Sampling of ocean water 30 km off Japan's coast found radioactive "iodine concentrations at or above Japanese regulatory limits," as well as amounts of cesium-137 below regulatory limits. Some of the contamination may be due to recycled sea water used to cool down the reactors and spent fuel ponds. Still, the volume of water thus contaminated suggests that the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant complex has already released massive quantities of radionuclides over the past two weeks. More massive releases are a disturbing possibility, experts say.

Tobacco Companies Suppressed Documented Existence of Radiation Emission from Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

In my days as a realtor I became familiar with the issues involved in radon testing.

Home buyers had the right to demand radon tests and to abrogate a contract should the emission level be high than EPA standards and the sellers unwilling to provide remedial measures involving ventillation systems. During the housing bubble buyers frequently were forced to overlook such niceties as home inspections, not to speak of radon testing.