Satirical Palin Media Attack Laps Reality

Providing even further proof that real life can be funnier than anything even The Onion can make up... Sarahcuda circles the "lamestream media" like a blind and toothless fish out of water:chasing her own tale:

Blasting 'lamestream media,' Palin attacks satirical article

A reader points out that one of the fed-up claims in Sarah Palin's defense of Nikki Haley -- that the "lamestream media" reported she was "living in the Hamptons" -- refers to a pretty blunt and obvious satire in a local New York publication, Dan's Papers.

Just be thankful that she is as clueless as a political and ideological foe as we could ever hope for. We can only hope for this kind of idiocy from her Kentucky ideological clone, Rand Paul.

July 4th -- Fantasies and Realities

There was a float today that completely killed my enjoyment of the local parade -- a teabagger protest about "unfair taxation" that simply annoyed me.

We are currently entering a period where the majority of Americans are receiving a tax BREAK, after 8 years of catering to the top tier of citizens and corporations, and yet there are many of these sorts of reality-challenged 'protests' being ginned up across the nation.

What an annoying, pithy and obnoxious slap in the face to all those who are trying to celebrate the unique experience and experiment that is the United States of America.

So, what's your day turning out to be like?