Laughing at the Dangerous Lunatics on the Right: "Czar" Madness

To continue CTMan's video ridicule of the rabid Right's latest lunacies, here's a Rachel Maddow clip on "Czars" in the Obama -- and previous -- Administrations:

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Over the Line: Wingnut Pastor Attempts Inciting Presidential Assassination

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From Crooks and Liars, the Reich Wing has finally crossed the line:

That's no longer free speech -- that's incitement to commit murder. I'll bet it also violates multiple instances of the USA PATRIOT Act and a slew of DHS, FBI, Secret Service and other assorted federal and state rules, regulations and laws.

The GOP has a responsibility to rein in the hysteria, and they are instead choosing to bolster select elements while denying any responsiblity. To me, their failure is more than criminal. It's more than a mere oversight.

It's blatant complicity.

The Republican leadership has failed to speak up, to speak out and to quell these lunatics. They refuse to accept their responsibility as leaders. The men and women of today's Republican party are arrogant, self-centered cowards; unAmerican, unChristian, myopic and self-centered hypocrites of the most heinous nature. They were elected by the people in order to represent the public good and act to preserve not only public welfare but also to represent the best of their districts in the halls of government. They are supposed to act with relative selflessness, with integrity and conforming to the rules of decorum. They should be expected to pursue the concept of due diligence in all the ways that they represent their constituents, and the way they contribute to a stronger nation.

They are willfully and maliciously abdicating their roles and responsibilities. They are actively working against the security of the nation, interfering with and endangering the proper operation of government and aiding and abetting those who would do damage to our nation and duly elected leadership.

The GOP -- as a whole -- must now choose: stand up and take responsibility. Take action to defuse the chaos you've been feeding. Do it now, before the whole thing explodes in the collective faces of everyone in the nation -- before some lunatic sets off the spark that acts as the first and last sign of your criminal, treasonous activity.

Stand up now and put out the smoldering fires you've been feeding, before it's too late.

This is a hell of your own making, and only you can save yourself from the inevitable damnation it will bring...and the innocent blood that you'll be responsible for spilling.

"What sluggards, what cowards have I brought up in my court, who care nothing for their allegiance to their lord. Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?"

        -- The Murder of Thomas Becket, 1170,

            Eyewitness to


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Open Thread -- Rugby Rules, xkcd Edition

The rulebook also doesn't say you shouldn't self-immolate -- that doesn't make it a good idea.
Attribution: xkcd.1

The radical right-wing attack forces are working themselves up into a frothing fury, poised on the brink of violence. Here's some examples from the recent past:

From clammyc's DailyKos diary Right wing hate speech and violent threats against Democrats on Dec 01, 2007:

A letter containing white powder addressed to then-candidate John Kerry.  Two other letters containing white powder did make it to Kerry’s office.  No word on the culprit and I don’t think anyone was punished for this.

John Edwards’ office evacuated in May and July 2007 after white powder found in the office and then when "beeping objects" were found.  No word on the culprit and I don’t think anyone was punished for this.

Keith Olbermann receives envelopes at his home containing white powder.  These were sent by someone who admitted to being an "acolyte" of Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter.

Two Democratic Senators, including Tom Daschle were sent anthrax letters in 2001.  The investigation has "run cold", even though the strain is one that was reportedly traced back to our own government.

Does it seem like there's a disturbing trend going on?  If not, it should.  It's gotten far worse, and is nearly out of hand now.  The incidence of inappropriate political discourse that calls for the blood of patriots and tyrants using inflammatory rhetoric has gotten out of hand. Right-wing pundit Glenn Beck paints chilling scenarios and pseudo-hero Chuck Norris calls for a rebellion...technically, aren't they one administration and several years too late to do our nation any good? Aside from that, the fact that they'd do so at all, in a way that seems crafted to stir the rabid masses and quite likely to incite violence instead of passive resistance is unconscionable.

Before this gets any further out of control -- before anybody actually does something stupid and innocent people get hurt -- keep an eye on the rhetoric and the reactions of the rabid, and if something looks like it is about to spark a violent reaction, make the call:

Here is the contact page for the US Secret Service.

Here is the contact page for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.2

Over the fold, some more examples of the crazy people and their tendencies toward violence born of delusion and fever-dreams.

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