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Clotheslining the Teabagger Hysteria

Originally posted 2009-04-10 08:16:08 -0500, bumped by carol.

For people familiar with professional wrestling (or common street fighting), the term "clotheslining" means extending your arm straight out so that an opponent moving forward to try to pass you strikes your extended arm at the throat.  In terms of political analogies, "clotheslining" applies a similar context: your opponent gets going on a good head of steam spouting self-righteous indignation, and you point out a salient fact that leaves 'em sputtering.

As the Party of No gears up for their April 15th "teabagging" parties, you might want to get ready to laugh hysterically at them -- and perhaps pick up some truck nuts to dangle -- as you share the following NSFW ("not safe for work") video with them, courtesy of Jed Lewis from DailyKostv:

Somehow, I don't think the wingnuts had that in mind.  It's apparent that somebody didn't really think this thing through...which, after watching them for eight years and seeing the results of their policy and practice in action -- and the resulting disastrous failures resulting from same -- shouldn't be at all surprising.

For another great video about teabagging, and an eye-opening video about open-mindedness, check out this thread and the first comment in it.