Ass kissing liberal apologists for failed health care reform

Michael Collins

The myth that the Democratic plans for health reform will produce anything by the target date of 2014 is only exceeded in absurdity by the myth that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

"New media" pundit Eric Alterman is down on his knees, genuflecting before the graven idol of Democratic Party interests. He wrote a full fledged justification supporting the current idol with feet of clay, the Democratic health care reform effort ongoing in the United States Senate. The article looks like talking points hot off the press from the White House Office of Disinformation since he's giving the president credit for all the good things which have materialized as if by magic in the latest Senate's efforts.

To begin with, he failed to note these very real issues in the health care debate: the immediate need by tens of millions for adequate health care and financial relief from exorbitant prices; the preservation of insurance companies at the center of public health care, companies with no interest in or obligation for the public welfare; and, the gross hypocrisy of the president demanding that health reform not add one penny to the deficit while he spends hundreds of billions for the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq - pure deficit operations with no discernible benefit to citizens.

Alterman starts out with this catchy header:

Thanks for nothing, Harry and Nancy

I’m so angry at what those 2 so called “leaders” have said, done, not said, not done and allowed to happen that I can just spit.

By declaring that impeachment is off the table, by allowing right wing extremists such as Rush Limbaugh and Mitch McConnell to dictate what gets done in the Senate, by enabling the destruction of the Constitution by Jay Rockefeller and only standing up to Chris Dodd, Russ Feingold and the entire progressive movement, by not enforcing subpoenas that have been ignored, Reid and Pelosi and a good number of other Congressional democrats (sorry, no big “D” there) are, as so eloquently put by MichiganGirl just as guilty when it comes to being responsible for the crimes perpetuated by this administration.