Republican recession

Two Years, Three Months.

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On 60 Minutes tonight, they did a piece on the deep recession. The part that hit hard was hearing how many people have lost their jobs, their 401K, their IRA, savings and other retirement -- and many who have been in that situation for two years or more after being successfully, gainfully employed before the bottom fell out of the economy.

One of the most striking -- to me -- has been unemployed for two years and three months.

That's before the 2008 election. That's sometime around July 2008.

That's before Obama won the presidency. That's when Bush was still president, and the GOP still had significant control of Congress. The economy was still in free-fall.

And nobody was being held accountable.

It's now October 2010. The freefall has been arrested -- for now -- but all efforts to spur a strong recovery are being actively resisted by both the GOP and the Tea Party, spurred on and supported by growing donations from the corporate elitists and oligarchy who have stepped up to the plate to take up the slack after the Abramoff money sluice was interrupted.

US Job Cuts, The Official Republican Recession and Thou

Gee, this is just peachy:

Job cuts at highest level since '02
Planned payroll reductions surge 61% in November, according to an outplacement firm.

Combine this with the news that our status as being in a recession since December of 2007 that just came out:

Recession started in December 2007: panel

Now, take a look at the piece I'd posted (not much more than a pointer, really) from December of 2007:

The Official Republican Recession Has Begun

I got a lot of wingnuts screaming bloody murder about my statement -- some are likely still in denial, willing to claim that ~saying~ it was a recession turned it ~into~ a recession (several tried that one at the time) -- and one really has to wonder why and how the Republicans have ~ever~ been able to maintain the illusion (delusion?) that they know anything about economics. Aside from how to steal and how to protect the wealthiest top 1% of America's elite, of course.

They seem to know a ~lot~ about that.

...guess I shouldn't remind 'em about my take on the bailouts, either.