Rev. Jeremiah Wright

My Cure for Corrupt Journalists

Journalism is a totally unregulated profession. It always has been and it should always be so, even when it fails miserably to do its job.

The dirty little secret about journalism is that you don’t need any special training to call yourself a journalist. You don’t need a license, you don’t need to join a union, and heck, you don’t even need a job or income to call yourself a journalist.

So, if you would happen to wake up someday disgruntled with your miserable life, you could grab a pen and a paper and write a news story. Once finished, you could declare yourself a journalist. It’s that easy. Well, almost.

Here’s a quick history of journalism in America from a little book published several years ago by the Indiana University Press.*

Revs. Lowery, Wright, and the Black Church

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It was about 3:00 in the morning, and I was somewhere between browsing the internet and dozing into never-never land when I read the following post from one of my more conservative White friends regarding his interpretation of Rev. Joseph Lowery’s benediction at President Obama’s inaugural:

"Please dear Lord, make those white pricks embrace what is right.

Suddenly I was wide awake and laughing until tears came to my eyes. I was laughing harder than I’d laughed in years, because I knew exactly what, "Sawdust", the poster, was referring to. But I don’t know whether it struck me so funny more because of Sawdust’s good humored, but bottom-line take on Rev. Lowery’s benediction, or more because of the seeming inability of a stately old war-horse to mask his past experience with White people even through, what I’m sure, was his deep appreciation for what they had helped to bring about.

But as funny as the situation seemed to me at the time, it also points back to an issue that needs to be clarified from the campaign. You see, while Rev. Lowery was actually being conciliatory, his words clearly demonstrated that Jeremiah Wright didn’t exist in a vacuum. The fact is, with all the battles that Rev. Lowery has fought in his close to ninety years of life, if that old man really wanted to get loose up there during the inaugural, he undoubtedly could have made Jeremiah Wright sound like a Christian conservative. What much of America fails to understand is that in Lowery’s day, Black people didn’t just go to church to here the word of god, they also went there to vent, so through tradition, the hot and passionate sermons of a Jeremiah Wright are routine in the Black community.