Richard Wolffe

Spy VS Spy OR Communication Breakdown?

Spy VS SpyYou have to wonder just what, exactly, they are digging into that they feel the need to leak it to the press?

Tonight on Countdown, Richard Wolffe dropped a bombshell (no pun
intended) about the situation with the Flight 253 "underpants bomber,"  by saying that there is a serious question
about whether or not there was foul play, information intentionally
withheld, and/or conspiracy.

According to Wolffe, the White House is investigating whether or not
the systemic failure was anything more than human error.  The questions
being asked are -- was this some kind of failure due to internal
tensions between intelligence communities?  Was information withheld
intentionally in order to "make someone look bad?"

Wolffe says that the White House is in very early stages of this investigation.

Olbermann reported that the president will make a statement [today] around 4pm.

Later on the Rachel Maddow Show, Wolffe walked the story back a bit, leaving me thinking that looking into this on the part of the White House is probably more a routine effort to touch all bases. But the fact that they would leak this kind of line of questioning seems a bit more revealing than just some routine review of this Security failure. Below the fold is the video from Countdown.