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I am at the point where I can choose to live in a half empty house with only a computer and a lot of furniture (minus the drawers of "stuff" that are already moved) or live in a half empty house with a TV and no furniture inside (though we do have our patio furniture moved so we can sit outside). We load up the van and take it over every night and so far we have moved most of the small things we have. We rented a small moving truck to move the big things figuring on doing it in two loads but with so much already done we may just get everything left to fit in that one small truck for one last load.

Below the fold is some open thread stuff that is moving in the traditional and new media.

Economic Collapse Watch: Riots in Haiti over Food Prices

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In The Crash is past. Comes now Inflation, on March 2 (it seems so long ago), I warned that the official response to the financial crises so far was to save Wall Street and the financial system at all costs; that inflation was being unleashed; and this would mean a severe decline in our standard of living over the next few years. I alluded to a rise in food prices being one immediate cause of pain, and intimated that social unrest would be the result.

It’s happening much faster than I thought possible.

Reclaiming the Streets - Gabriel Lafitte

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The Dalai Lama recently criticized Tibetan violence on both sides and said that if it continued that he would resign as the Tibetan Exile Governments political leader. He is under some pressure from impatient younger Tibetans who want full independence now and are willing to fight for it.

An excellent article by Gabriel Lafitte at, advisor to the Tibetan Government in Exile, about the protests and riots, and what it means to the Tibetans themselves. What follows is his article in full (reprinted with permission).


    The Tibetan revolt, like those of two and five decades ago, will be crushed by the overwhelming might of the Chinese military. No match could be more unequal: maroon-clad nuns and monks versus the machinery of oppression of the global rising power. In recent months, fast-response mobile tactical squads whose sole purpose is to quell the masses have been overtly rehearsing on the streets of Tibetan towns for just what they are now doing.

    What is the point of revolt if it is almost certainly suicidal?