Roxy the Penguin

Meet Roxy, the Lonely Hearts Penguin...and Other News

Leading off our eclectic collection of Valentine's Day stuff is this bit from Reuters about Roxy -- no, not the ePluribus Media webmistress, but in fact a penguin with a My Space page:

Girl Marries Dog
Rick Santorum shout-out)

Meanwhile... wonder Penguins are stressed.

That's how Roxy the webmistress keeps all of us in line, too.

In other news, ABC News is reporting that The International Criminal Court is preparing to issue a warrant for the President of Sudan for crimes against humanity. Such an action -- issuing an arrest warrant against a sitting foreign leader -- is unprecedented, and could have far-reaching implications. I wonder if George W. Bush, Richard B. Cheney and their former Administration's main players have any worries about what that could mean for them? Hat-tip to pmeldrum for the reference.

While our ability to track space-based debris could benefit from more data-sharing and the growing need for some type of Space Traffic Control grows, we're making some progress in our acceptance of reality-based thinking here on the ground:

More than 1,000 religious congregations around the world have signed up to give sermons on the theme of religion and science as part of the fourth annual Evolution Weekend.

And finally, Microsoft is planning to launch retail stores, even though analysts are skeptical about the potential efficacy of the move:

Skeptics questioned whether Microsoft's strategy would work in a dismal retail climate. They also wondered whether its stores could compete with Apple's, which seem to draw in passersby with the strength of the Death Star tractor beam in "Star Wars."

Apparently, we'll soon learn if being a behemoth that functions like somewhat impaired near-complete monopoly is enough to fly in the face of market practicality, barring any new and innovative way that these new retail outlets are introduced or in how they operate.

Microsoft isn't Apple, so the results could be ... interesting.