Sen John McCain

Obama, Biden Talk Politics - 60min- Video

Last night Barack and Joe spoke, and even though a short interview they covered alot of ground.

In their first interview together as running mates, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joseph Biden discuss their roles and strategies for the upcoming presidential election. Steve Kroft reports.

The 'surge' Working?? Take 1,2,3...........

Bumped -- GH.

All that's needed is for something to happen to rile the 'mahdi' army and the ceasefire will end, as well as some Iraqi leader to demand "America tear down these Walls!" and the Real Purposes for the 'surge', i.e. Escalation, will be no more!

Political: The 'surge' Working?? Take 1

Iraqi army prepares assault in Diyala as election law vetoed

"Elder Statesman Stiffs Soldiers"

God that's a great title, with an election comin!

But alas not from my simple mind but from Joe Conason over at The New York Observer
posted up on the 15th.

He starts it out with this:

It is hard to blame John McCain for mocking Barack Obama as an “elitist” following that silly remark about bitter folks who cling to guns and religion. Rarely does the Arizona senator—one of the wealthiest members of Washington’s most exclusive club—encounter such a tempting chance to masquerade as a populist.