Senator Bernie Sanders

Sen. Sanders' angry Americans: What if they knew about the corporate tax holiday?!

I'd planned to talk about the new evidence for election hacking during the 2004 Ohio vote but will, for the moment, defer to the discussion of that topic in the Jonaothon Turley Blog post, Dead Men Do Tell Tales (Of Rigged Elections).

Instead, I want to let the ever-so-sensible Senator Bernie Sanders describe in his ever so rational way about how angry Americans are, and why. 

First,  though, I want to be sure that anyone who's missed it, understands what seems to be among the most blatantly outrageous parts of the debt ceiling deal being discussed on TOP OF the insane demands of tea party gangsters.

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Return to the Gilded Age

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The Dow and the Down and Out  

While markets surged past 10,000, the official unemployment rate stood near
10 percent. The United States is in a unique historical position. People on top are doing extraordinarily well, but in the real world the middle class is collapsing. The top 1 percent owns more wealth then the bottom 90 percent. CEOs of large corporations earn 400 times what their
workers make.  That is not what America is supposed to be about. With all the issues we are dealing with – from health care to global warming to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – please do not forgot what is happening to tens of millions of our brothers and our sisters out there
who are struggling hard to keep their heads above water.

Not like I didn't say enough about this stuff earlier...