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Serial Killers: Bodies of Evidence on the East and West Coasts

The news out of New York is both grim and grisly:

Three additional sets of human remains have been discovered on the same New York beach where a serial killer is believed to have dumped the bodies of five other women.

Suffolk County police announced the discovery of the bodies today, raising the number of victims to at least eight.

And it gets worse:

The bodies are believed to the work of a serial killer. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told ABC News in December, "Four bodies found in the same location pretty much speaks for itself. It's more than a coincidence. We could have a serial killer."

The bodies were discovered as a result of a search for a missing prostitute, Shannan Gilbert, whose body the police expected to find in the same area. Gilbert's body is, so far, not among those found, leaving the possibility of a ninth body to the list of suspected serial killings.

And then there's LA: in a story with an oddly similar body count (so far), LA detectives fear the disappearance of Ayella Marshall may be linked to the work of South Los Angeles serial killer known as "The Grim Sleeper." Lonnie Franklin Jr. is in jail awaiting tried on 10 counts of murder and one attempted murder in the case. What makes Lonnie a credible suspect? Aside from the photos and id of Ayellah and two other missing women found in a refrigerator in Lonnie's garage,

After Franklin's arrest last July, family members brought to the attention of police another four missing women who detectives believe could be additional victims. They have been identified as: Cathern or Catherine Davis, 29, who has been missing since 1982; Rosalind Giles, 27, missing since 1991; Lisa Knox, 29, missing since 1993; and Anita Parker, missing since 1998.


Detectives Tuesday also asked for the public's help in identifying 55 women who remain unidentified after police released 180 photos found in Franklin's house to try to eliminate them from a victim list. Some of the photos released in December appear to be of women sleeping.
The killer was dubbed the Grim Sleeper because the killings appeared to stop in 1988 and did not resurface until 2002. But [Detective Dennis] Kilcoyne said he believes there are many other victims.

Unlike the suspected New York serial killings, there's at least been an arrest in the Grim Sleeper case.

Let's hope the New York detectives catch a break and can land the east coast serial killer soon.


Open Thread -- Disturbing Developments Edition

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Two disturbing developments out of many events to choose from when perusing Mishima's World News Sunday:

Here's a little more about the Wilkins Ice Shelf's near-imminent collapse:

A thin ice bridge between two islands that has held the giant Wilkins ice shelf in place on the Antarctic peninsula for centuries appears to be near final collapse.

In a development that has shocked climate scientists, the 40 kilometre-long bridge is showing new rifts along its length and its imminent break-up could release thousands of square kilometres of ice behind it.

Ever hear the phrase "It wasn't the fall that killed him, but the sudden stop at the end"? This is sort of a take on that theme -- it's not the sea-borne floating ice that threatens to raise ocean levels: it's the thousands of kilometres of land-based ice behind it.

As for the second item, the disturbing news from the FBI may provide some insights to the Highway of Tears killings, and perhaps lead to the development of effective ways to protect the lives of those who may otherwise find themselves prey to such horrible circumstances.

Be careful out there.

This is an Open Thread.