Eric Cantor: "Dem Thugs Did This To Me!"

Eric Cantor,LiesFrom Jed Lewison:

It's clear from the Richmond police statement that Cantor's office was not directly targeted. Rather, an office that he has used in the past (but not his main campaign office) was randomly struck by a bullet that had been fired into the sky.

I'm not minimizing the dangers of randomly shooting bullets into the air, but for Eric Cantor to describe this as an attack targeting his campaign office is supremely dishonest, an obvious attempt to deflect attention from Republican Party's violent and extreme rhetoric in recent days.

Next thing you know, Cantor will be claiming a backwards B was carved in his face.

Shorter Eric Cantor: "Dem Thugs Did This To Me!"

Actually, Mr. No, I am a little "i" indy. :)

Shooting at the Pentagon

Fox has the most details up so far so I am actually going to quote them:

Two Pentagon police
officers were shot at the Metro station entrance to the military
complex, Pentagon spokesman Chris Layman said

The alleged gunman was also shot and in custody, he said

The trio were taken to George Washington University Hospital's emergency room, officials said.

According to reports the gunman was the most seriously injured of the three. More updates will follow as this story develops. [update] Via AFP:

Metro authorities
said Pentagon officials also were investigating "suspicious packages"
outside the station, but the Pentagon spokeswoman was unaware of that.

Looking around at anything lying around is probably SOP. Some raw video and an all clear after nothing turns up from the search below the fold and the shooter is an American Citizen and we have a name.

What Caused Him To Snap?

None may ever know!

But according to this report-Chicago Tribune he doesn't fit the profile most would expect.

"NIU noted gunman's scholarship" is the subject title, this kid seemed to be heading in a very good direction.

Just two years ago, Northern Illinois University honored the man identified as the shooter in Thursday's attacks with a dean's award for his sociology work.

Is This Ilona's School?

This is short, but doesn't Ilona go to NIU?

It happened a few hours ago and has been breaking since, some 18 have been injured, not sure about any deaths!

18 reported shot after gunman opens fire at Chicago university

"It has been confirmed that there has been a shooting on campus and several people have been taken away by ambulance," Northern Illinois University said on its website.