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Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Finally Testifies

And, YES! It is under oath and for the records. Brad Friedman of The BradBlog was all over this, as the traditional media does its traditional reporting of stories like this. A sample quote from the traditional media for you: "Chirp! Chirp, chirp..."

Here is a video report of Sibel Edmonds testimony from Velvet Revolutions:

Below the fold I will give a few pieces of key information summarized from The BradBlog but it would be well worth your time to read his coverage of this monumentous event from end to end.

Iran one Last Time: Twitter Works Both Ways

[Reposted with permission from Sibel Edmonds' blog 123 Real Change.]

Seeking Our Iranian Comrades’ Solidarity

Dear Activists in Iran:

We stand in solidarity with you and your movement against the alleged election fraud you’ve claimed. In return we hope you will reciprocate by supporting us in our struggle here in which we’ve been engaged for hmmmm…more or less eight years now – the following is an abbreviated list of our grievances: