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Medicare for All - February 25, 2010 Sidewalk Summit in Wasington's Lafayette Park

Video from the Medicare-For-All Sidewalk Summit came through this evening and Dr. Carol Paris is the first speaker!

She was the physician who joined Dr. Margaret Flowers under arrest, recently, when they attempted to take President Obama up on his State of the Union offer to hear fresh ideas that would address the stakes of the ongoing healthcare reform 'debate'.

Guess what Summit our single-payer heroes had received no invitation to participate in? Watch the Sidewalk Summit video here!

And tune in tomorrow when Dr. Margaret Flowers will be talking about Medicare-for-all and single-payer healthcare considerations on Friday morning's broadcast of DemocracyNow!.


President Obama heard Doctor Flowers, the White House Summit should listen!

Dr. Margaret Flowers Confronts President Obama Fillmore Auditorium, Denver Colorado February 18, 2010. What's better, however, is that he heard her and responded live, to the full-house audience. (Watch the video, very cool!).

This week he and the White House Summiteers must listen!


"Margaret Flowers invites everybody to the Sidewalk Summit on Thursday, Feb 25th. Gather at 9 am on Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House (north side) to hear why Medicare for All is the solution.

If you can't be in DC, then hold your own.

But spread the video around, Obama Heard Flowers, make the White House listen now!

Also, below the jump

FEBRUARY 25th -- ACTIONS IN SUPPORT OF MEDICARE FOR ALL IN DC AND NYC! Participate and Support where you can!