New Facts Call Into Question DOJ Investigations Past and Present

By Andrew Kreig posted by Michael Collins


Four days before Connecticut's Nora Dannehy was appointed to investigate the Bush administration's U.S. attorney firing scandal, a team of lawyers she led was found to have illegally suppressed evidence in a major political corruption case.

This previously unreported fact from Dannehy's past calls into question her entire national investigation. The revelation similarly compromises the pending investigation by her Connecticut colleague, John Durham, who since 2008 has been the nation's special prosecutor for DOJ and CIA decision-making involving torture.

Here's the story, which the Justice Integrity Project I lead just broke in Nieman Watchdog:

In September 2008, the Bush Justice Department appointed Connecticut career federal prosecutor Nora Dannehy to investigate allegations that Bush officials in 2006 illegally fired nine U.S. attorneys who wouldn't politicize official corruption investigations.

But just four days before her appointment, a federal appeals court had ruled that a team of prosecutors led by Dannehy illegally suppressed evidence in a major political corruption case in Connecticut. The prosecutors' misconduct was so serious that the court vacated seven of the eight convictions in the case.

Court Vacates Siegelman Charges, As Kagan and DOJ Team Lose

By Andrew Kreig
Huffington Post, June 29

"As a start in redressing the nation's most notorious political prosecution, the Supreme Court today released its decision vacating federal corruption convictions of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and co-defendant businessman Richard Scrushy

"The court remanded their Alabama convictions to the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta despite arguments last November by Solicitor General Elena Kagan that their convictions should stand." More

And, of course, previously from ePluribus Media, Elena Kagan - Willing Accomplice

Elena Kagan - Willing Accomplice

Michael Collins

Should Elena Kagan be approved as a justice to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States?

As it turns out there's a supremely simple method of testing her suitability. Once applied, citizens of any political persuasion will see that her nomination should be rejected outright.

As Solicitor General of the United States, Kagan argued against an appeal to the Supreme Court by former Alabama Governor, Don Siegelman in November, 2009. The Siegelman prosecution is viewed by many as one of the gravest injustices of the modern era, a purely political prosecution initiated by the Gonzales Justice Department.

Forty four former state attorneys general were so concerned that they issued a public petition on Siegelman's behalf in 2007. The petition to the United States House of Representatives urged prompt investigation of the many shady dealings in the Siegelman case, before, during and after his trial. They framed their petition in this simple sentence: "The U.S. justice system should be above reproach." It wasn't.

Seeking Minor Justice: Why Is Paul Minor in Jail?

A recent email alerted me to the plight of Paul Minor, who currently sits in prison convicted on the esoteric criminal act of "honest services mail fraud." Apparently, Minor arranged to loan money to Oliver Diaz for his campaign for Justice of Mississippi Supreme Court. Minor, along with a Republican co-owner who was not prosecuted, also rented an apartment to Justice Diaz.

Our Day in Court: Research into Ohio's 2004 Election Misdeed Finally Bearing Fruit

A press conference held yesterday began zeroing in on the dirty trickster, Michael Connell, known to many ePluribus Media readers from the work that Luaptifer, Todd Johnston and many others did last year about the "line" that jumped the firewall. You may remember that Luaptifer uncovered evidence of crossing the line between simple "campaigning" and illegal activities.

The evidence? A graphic of a divider line named OhioGOP_index_nline.jpg that lived on websites inside the Federal Government's internet firewall -- as one example, on the In his commentary, Luaptifer wrote:

... we've spent many months investigating the 'virtual real estate' and why the neighbors seem to look so much like each other. The researchers were tipped off, as it were, by a line, or to be more exact, an image of a line: ohgop_index_nline.gif.
As one can pretty much guess from the name, it's an index divider graphic used for the Ohio GOP. That image is one that NewMedia Communications used on a website built for the Ohio GOP. (The CEO of New Media Communications is one Mike Connell; remember that name if you don't already know it.)

This week's news is that now there's legal action afoot to get a hold of documents that may help prevent the alleged practices of vote theft taking place again in the 2008 elections. Spinelli on the Journal and others, including Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane over at Raw Story have reported on the press conference, so I don't need to do that here, but at least some highlights:

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman speaks about Karl Rove

Just a quick pointer to two important snippets from a recent interview by the folks at with the former Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman telling of his recommendations for how to deal with Karl Rove.


Bush Style Justice

The second part of a two-part story by Larisa Alexandrovna about how Alberto Gonzalees' Justice Department stole the Alabama gubernatorial election from Don Siegleman appears today in Raw Story. In Part II, his daughter Dana discusses how the Republican's stole the 2000 election from him through blatant vote fraud and then then orchestrated a criminal investigation of him on false charges of/

Open Thread - Karl in a Corner

Just thought I'd post this little discovery I made whilst cruising through Alabama news. I just know there are some out there that can't get enough of Karl...

I have to remark that I was surprised as heck to see it in the
Montgomery Independent......... I'm telling you.. is the best site for news around our country.

This story on Karl is a three page read...and, of course, the juicy stuff is towards the end!

Karl in a Corner