Time for Democratic leadership to hear its angry constituents

Daily Kos Yesterday: "Yes I'm Angry...angry at the Democratic leadership -- and yes, even some of our fellow “progressives”..."

Angry Mouse speaks for many (You Sure Are Angry) as a featured writer on the front page of the Internet's largest progressive forum, Daily Kos, where the mission is, specifically, to help elect Democrats. She's angry:

...Angry at a two-party system that favors corporations over people; angry at a justice system that most severely punishes those who are least able to fight back; angry at the media who refuses to call a lie a lie; angry at a health care system that allows private corporations to profit by allowing the sick to suffer and die; angry at the terrorists who want to deprive women of our reproductive autonomy; angry at the misogynists who want us to know our place; angry at the Democratic leadership -- and yes, even some of our fellow “progressives” -- for treating women's rights as a fringe issue; angry at anyone who feels the need to question whether it’s really necessary to be so angry.

This is another loud shout in a growing and louder trend of unhappiness and, dare I say -- distrust -- with the inability of Democrats to get it together.

I was hired to stand in the way of health care reform: Insurance lobbyist or Joe Lieberman?

Meet Andy Cobb, a former professional deceiver for Blue Cross Blue Shield. He’s done all the damage he could being a pretty face for Blue Cross Blue Shield’s health insurance, so now he’s branching out toward his next big whitewashing opportunity. Watch the video and vote at : Where should Andy work next: Wal Mart, Blackwater, Goldman Sachs, or FOX?

Tales of a Family Doc.....a year later

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My professional life is full of stories.

There are some of remarkable bravery and happiness: Just last Friday I had the opportunity to trade emails with a patient who, finally, in his 60s (!) has managed to overcome drug abuse, alcoholism, crippling self-doubt, hypertension, and diabetes (yes, he managed to get off all medications!) through hard work and determination.  Another, a recently retired Greek American burdened with obesity and its complications, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol came in to have me guide his discontinuation of his medicines after his health improved because he returned to a lifestyle "like I used to do in Greece."

The state of health reform in California

Sheila Kuehl is an amazing an sensible voice in California politics:

She is a termed-out State Senator who now sits on the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

She was the first openly gay or lesbian person to be elected to the California Legislature.

She was the first woman in California history to be named Speaker pro Tempore of the State Assembly.

In her fourteen years in the State Legislature, Sen. Kuehl authored 171 bills that were signed into law, including legislation to establish paid family leave, establish the rights contained in Roe vs. Wade in California statute, overhaul California’s child support services system; establish nurse to patient ratios in every hospital; require that housing developments of more than 500 units have identified sources of water; further protect domestic violence victims and their children; prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender and disability in the workplace and sexual orientation in education; increase the rights of crime victims; safeguard the environment and drinking water; and many, many others.