Single Payer or bust

The Healthcare Discussion We Could Still Be Having

But we won't.

There are those that cling to or have given in to some mythic "inevitabilty" that we're doomed to be fed the toxic soup-salad-sandwich that is called healthcare reform by the elites in D.C. and crafted for the benefit of Wall Street and the rich. But we know this to be another transfer of wealth from the middle class to the corporate welfare sycophants in finance. And not to the the benefit of any of the people that do need help. This is not even a debate anymore. Just what is right and what is continuing, from preceding decades, to be wrong.

So, now we're debating an excise tax? How far we have fallen

So, now we're arguing about an excise tax. Apparently, the unions don't
understand. Apparently, the unions are anti-Democrat, and promulgate
right wing memes. Such is the death spiral of political discourse.

We never got to argue about single payer. It was seen as impossible, so
aiming for it was seen as pointless. Even though doing so might have
reframed the entire debate, by allowing us to negotiate down from it to
a public option, which would have been seen, from the start, as the
compromise it was.


There is so much wrong with the bill, and there has been so much
wrong with the process. But it really can be summarized thusly: once
upon a time, we were debating the will to pass a public option; now,
we're debating the efficacy and fairness of an excise tax.

We're going to get a health insurance bill. We're not going to get a
health care bill. The difference between the two defines what has gone

The discussion has broken down into two basic groups.