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If you're a writer -- aspiring or actual -- you might find it useful to create a virtual representation of some of your characters. The one pictured above was generated on Meez,1 but there are other great options too. Several are listed below the fold.

Creative Activism: Free Speech, Free Software and Free Time

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes, a video is worth a lot more, whether it is simply an animated image or a full-fledged movie. Or simply an image that morphs (transforms) into another image. Over the past few days, I've been experimenting with image morphing software and posting a few examples of the results in various locations.

One Level Down (O.L.D. News)

[O.L.D. News items are the type that tend to run just under the surface, with no sense of immediacy. Pieces, not puzzles fully formed. Still fooling around with the notion of "books", which is where these will likely end up.]

Noah Shachtman/Wired: Pentagon Forecast: Cloudy, 80% Chance of Riots: "The Pentagon is paying Lockheed Martin to try to predict insurgencies and civil unrest like the weather. It's part of a larger military effort to blend forecasting software with social science that has some counterinsurgency experts cringing.."

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Joshua Holland+Raed Jarrar/AlterNet:  Iraqi Government to UN: 'Don't Extend Mandate for Bush's Occupation' "The mandate is now coming up for renewal, and a majority of Iraqi legislators oppose its renewal unless conditions are placed on it, conditions that may include a timetable for the departure of American troops."

Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

12. Decides further  that the mandate for the multinational force shall be reviewed at the request of the Government of Iraq or twelve months from the date of this resolution, and that this mandate shall expire upon the completion of the political process set out in paragraph four above, and declares that it will terminate this mandate earlier if requested by the Government of Iraq;  [UNSCR 1546, 8 Jun '04]