Sweet! Brad Friedman calls Hans Spakovsky's lies to his face

Brad Friedman, of and election integrity fame, was on air with Hans Spakovsky during a Tavis Smiley interview last week.

Especially for some of the Spakovsky 'fans' around here (eP site search for Spakovsky), check out Brad's post but, especially, listen to the embedded audio record.

Contested FEC Nominee - Spakovsky Drops Out!

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Just a quick post for those who have been following Spakovsky.

Contested Nominee To FEC Drops Out

A controversial Bush administration nominee to the Federal Election Commission withdrew from consideration yesterday, providing a likely breakthrough to an impasse that has sidelined the political watchdog agency at the height of the primary season.

Hans von Spakovsky, a former Justice Department lawyer whose nomination became entangled in allegations that political considerations influenced decisions by the agency's Civil Rights Division, sent President Bush a letter withdrawing his name.

Senate Democrats had refused for a year to confirm von Spakovsky, torpedoing the nominations of three other nominees and denying the FEC a quorum. Since Jan. 1, only two of the agency's six commissioner slots have been filled. Bush, supported by GOP Senate leaders, had refused to withdraw von Spakovsky's name.

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