Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Insomnia, xkcd Edition

Ever had a sleepless night? Or a night where you'd sleep intensely for 30 minutes or an hour, then wake up and be fully alert for another hour before being able to sleep again...and have that pattern repeat ~all night long~???

Still No Sleep
Click to enlarge. Attribution: xkcd.1

Interrupted sleep patterns -- insomnia -- can impact our ability to think clearly, in addition to wreaking havoc on our physical and mental well being, making sleep deprivation a very serious issue. If your sleep pattern has ~always~ been wonky, then maybe that's normal for you -- or, if you've ~also~ always been a tad unstable or crazed, perhaps you should try to determine if you could adjust your pattern to allow for more sleep in order to afford yourself (and those around you) a bit more respite?

Getting a little more sleep at night (or whenever your lifestyle permits) may also cut down on those annoyingly long and drawn-out philosophical conversations with squirrels and other local flora and fauna.

Whatever your sleep pattern, and regardless of whether you need more or less of it, one thing remains constant: This is an Open Thread.




1.   From the XKCD site:


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