State Department

Condi, Condi, Condi.......................

You gotta get your ducks all in a row there before tooting those horns:

At a press conference she and Zebari said the negotiators were close to signing the deal but cautioned it had not yet been clinched.

Everyone says how intelligent you are, and after all you're the Secretary of State with a whole department working for you, or are they being allowed to.

Corrupt Government - Totally Corrupt!!

What is this Country waiting for?

This is Our Government, those in Washington work for Us!

Little georgie likes to say "His Government", it ain't his, He Works For Us, as do everyone appointed and hired to federal jobs!

The Government we have isn't just Incompetent, It's Totally Corrupt!

And it isn't only those hired to Represent that have no Backbone, it's this Whole F**cking Country!

Plainly Insane

Taking Exception: Nation-Building Office Is No Solution

It is strategic overreach, not the lack of a nation-building office, that has sapped our diplomatic corps and military. But if Secretary Rice and Senator Lugar are unwilling to reconsider American interventionism, the office they propose is ill-suited to the task they set out for it. The gulf between the office’s proposed resources and its mission is enormous. Their proposal is akin to taping a band-aid across a severed limb.