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Que RICO? - Rove's Contempt of Congress and Connell's Indicted Elite

Sometimes things just move too quickly.

Mike Connell is the IT guru who plots Internet strategy for the RNC.

Within the last week credible evidence surfaced about blackmail threats against him and his family.

The threats surfaced just days after Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck announced plans to undertake discovery in the Ohio civil RICO claims against Karl Rove and the US Chamber of Commerce for activities related to election fraud since 2000. The possible blackmail kicked into gear Atty Arnebeck's efforts seeking legal immunity for the Connell family.

Why is Mike Connell so important that Arnebeck should seek immunity? Connell tops Arnebeck's list of people likely to know about Karl Rove's suspicious election activities and how much, if any, of the involvement crossed the line. Arnebeck suspects that the blackmail threats are intended to keep Connell quiet.