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Open Thread Updated: There's Good News Tonight


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Gregg has just withdrawn his nomination for Commerce Secretary because of irresolvable differences on the Stimulus Package as well as on the question of the Census. According to the New York Times, Gregg issued the following statement:

Nick Benton's Corner: The Stimulus State by State


Posted with the permission of Falls Church News Pres owner/editor Nicholas Benton.

Update: The Bill has just passed the Senate with 61 votes.

The Stimulus State by State

by Nicholas Benton

Yesterday, President Obama's White House Press Office issued its first "blast" e-mail to every regional and local newspaper in the U.S., containing a lengthy 67-page "fact sheet" attachment delineating the concrete impact of the $850-billion stimulus package broken down on a state-by-state basis for every state in the union. 

The package, the so-called "American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" is now being fought out in the U.S. Senate after passage in the House last week. Due to the strange rules of the Senate, it is not enough that Democrats have a clear majority to pass the laws they support. They need the "filibuster-proof" supermajority of 60, and still barely lack it.

As a result, an outraged American population is watching the same Republicans they rooted out of office in a "bum's rush" of epochal proportions in November, still holding the Democratic majority in a stranglehold, forcing ridiculous concessions. It is an obscenity.

Why the Stimulus Package Won't Work

Likely Reich's views are not going to knock your socks off, but they are sound and to the point, which is why I like to post them--and he has given his approval to post them on ePm with appropriate attribution. Too often we are picking over the threads of campaign rhetoric and forget that people like Robert Reich who have held important cabinet posts--and served with integrity--under the Clinton admin. are available to guide the next Democratic dministration.

To check in with Reich, here is the link.