The Stupid

A Challenging Hypothetical SCOTUS Scenario For The Right

Here's a hypothetical question for our "family values" friends among the GOP and "Christian" right:

An elderly, gay Latina nun is selected for SCOTUS, but would have to close the late-term abortion clinic she runs out of the ACLU back offices in Nebraska if she accepts; reports indicate that she actually doesn't mind the work at the heavily fortified clinic, saying that it "reminds her of home, when she was growing up as the love child of Che Guevara and Jane Fonda."  The clinic, funded by ACORN in partnership with Move-On and a grant from the Soros Foundation, has been in operation for fifteen years.

The question: Should she accept the nomination, or continue to operate the clinic?

Please answer in complete sentences in comments below.

Hat-tip to Hnglkjss and Peskydang of Delphi Forums.

Random Image Linking

Here's one to hold onto -- a fantastic image from plognark:

The Stupid, It BurnsYoung Earth Creationists, Religious Extremists, Conspiracy Theorists, New-age loons, Political extremists, Creepy perverts, EMO teenagers, Racists, Sexists, Furries, Anti-vaccine freaks, and everyone who's got fingers and can at least hunt and peck letters on a keyboard has suddenly gained a forum, an outlet for their absurd notions, where they can share their shitty irrational ideas and infect other irrational monkies with absurdities.

Is this a bad thing? Hell. No. This is fucking great. :thumbs:

This gives me the chance to make fun of every stupid retarded idea that our species comes up with. I mean, sure, sure, maybe we'll all become more enlightened and tolerant and better able to appreciate different cultures and solve the world problems and all that, but in the mean time, there is so much stupidity to be made fun of that it makes me giddy just thinking about it.

According to the author's own comment about it over on badastronomy, the image is one of "an otherwise intelligent person who has suffered a lethal exposure to someone else’s awe inspiring level of stupidity" -- so yeah, it's got a pretty wide potential for use. I keep thinking Primal Screams of Anguish material.

And the best part? You can now get the T-Shirt.

I know what I want on my next birthday. (aside from a Fujitsu 5010 Lifebook tablet)

Hat-tip Dupa T. Parrot.