Death Rattles: The Hangings of the DC Madam and the Prostitute

by Cho and Avahome (with help from Susie, Roxie, and Luaptifer)

Something about women hanging themselves isn't right.

Not to be crass, but it isn't their style. . .

Perhaps it's this, or perhaps the spooky echo of choking deaths in snuff films that is pornographically compelling about the suicides of the two prostitutes – the Madam and the Whore – who were nabbed in the D.C. prostitution ring.

But besides the obvious salaciousness, if their deaths were truly suicide, there's also:

    What did they fear that was more awful than life?
    Why ropes?

And of course, these questions lead to others…

    Did they know something that others were afraid might slip out in a trial? A book? A tell-all tabloid?
    Were they really suicides?

So Wrong For So Long

There's a reason I use the breakin line to Greg Mitchells book So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits--and the President--Failed on Iraq.

Part of that reason is an article printed in the Asian Times, I just finished reading.

This RepugNut Has Got To Be Kidding!

VietnamA group of Marines ogling a pinup girl outside their bunkers in Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, in January 1968

VA's Katz Should Leave Now, and Anyone Else Involved In Shirking Duty!!

I don't need to add anything to the below, one: I'm not there, two: what's below says it all, three: this Country put it's Military Through All This Before to my Brother 'Nam Vets and followed up with Every Deployment Since!

How many know what's happening with the Gulf War I Vets!

Murray: VA's Katz Should Leave
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., says she wants "honesty, openness, and directness" from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and says Dr. Ira Katz, the VA's top official for mental health, should step aside.

"Support The Troops" Two, and This Vets Getting Royally Pissed AGAIN

The Origin of the VA Motto

To care for him
who shall have borne the battle
and for his widow, and his orphan

A couple of days ago I posted this Lets See Now, 'Supporting The Troops'

On a few boards, the link here goes to my site.

Congress Vows Action On Vets' Suicides

Adding a little more to Jim's great post. C-Span finally ran the hearing late last night and again early this morning. The video of the hearing as available for a streaming video for a few days here. Also, McClatchy's Chris Adams covered yesterday's hearing and links to the great article he wrote in February 2007, prior to the recent report from CBS news, covering the Bowman's and Veterans Administration's shortcomings in helping soldiers with PTSD.

This is a Quick posting as I just Uploaded the Video's and am running around getting ready for work.

Congress Vows Action On Vets' Suicides