Now that we are in: what to ask for at Health Summit

Wed Mar 04, 2009 at 10:20:49 PM EST

As of now we know that among the 120 people invitd to the White House Health Summit there are two single payer advocates: Representative John Conyers the lead sponsor for HR-676 and Dr. Oli Fein the president of PNHP.  

What do we do now?

My suggestion for what would seem to be a non-radical, non-shrill, non-extremist request/get:

"There must be a complete, honest, side-by-side comparison of all proposals, including HR-676, by the Congressional Budget Office"

Not just what Senator Baucus pre-determines to allow.

What are they afraid of?  

Let there be a honest and open debate, comparing all the true total costs all proposals!

Single Payer Victory!

It is just one of the many battles that single payer advocates have won over the years... But this one is no less important than any of the others.

Earlier today After Downing Street and Corrente confirmed that John Conyers was our first and only single payer advocate invited to the big healthcare summit tomorrow.

Google. After Downing Street, interestingly.

So now, call 'em again and ask why not PNHP? Or Health Care Now? Heck, not even HCAN't? What's wrong with these people? Why can't ordinary citizens get a seat at the table?

The White House (202) 456-1414 or (202) 456-1111. Remember, if you've got a rotary phone, you always get to soeak to a human!

NOTE Hat tip, DCBlogger.

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