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DXC and Feed Dayton team up to create area's first urban farm training center.

DAYTON – A few weeks ago, it was just an empty lot beside an empty building; not much good to anybody. But in a few weeks, what was an eyesore and wasteland will transform into a source of food and education for Dayton residents.

“[Our purpose] is kind of two-fold,” said Feed Dayton Director Ken Carman. “The one is to grow high-nutrition food locally for the hungry. And then the complimentary element is we're also wanting to educate, train and equip people to either become urban farmers or at least to have backyard gardens.”

CANNED! (A Story about food written for Orangeclouds115)

This story is written dedicated to Orangeclouds who lost her job but has the best damn food blog on the web. Drop in, pre-order her book and check out exmearden's ad. 2009-03-18 09:08:51 -0500. Bumped by carol.

I did my penance in tomatoes.

I had been looking forward to Orangeclouds' Local Food Party in Austin for months. Months! I had read Barbara Kingsolver's Book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in preparation. I'd had orgasms thinking about all the networking I would do. And then, the night of OC's party, I simply forgot to go.

After transcribing most of Orangeclouds' excellent panel on food policy verbatim, old eating habits took over and I went out for Chinese food. It was like one of those dreams where you forget  to take your college entrance exams. Except it was real.

Sustainable Agriculture CODE BLUE - Your Help Needed ASAP!

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We've already got Tom Vilsack as the head of the USDA, but the Vilsack USDA will also be incredibly influenced by the Deputy Secretary. And I have bad news about that that requires immediate action by all progressives.

As you know, I've been advocating the "Sustainable Dozen" chosen by Food Democracy Now (go there and sign their petition!) as candidates for USDA Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary positions. Several of these Sustainable Dozen, including Chuck Hassebrook were being seriously considered. And then... a few conservative Democrats (Collin "organics are dumb" Peterson, Ken Salazar, Sen. Conrad of North Dakota) spoke up against him. What??? This election was a victory for CHANGE. So why are Senators like Conrad being heeded when they advocate an anti-change agenda??

What's worse are the names that ARE still up for consideration...

Meet Ben Ray Lujan, NM-03: A Champion of Health Care, Clean Energy and the Environment -- Discussion

Ben Ray Lujan Lauren Reichelt profiles Ben Ray Lujan in Man of La Gente - Ben Ray Lujan, NM-03.

Ben Ray Lujan is a seventh generation native of Nambe, New Mexico and is running for congress in NM-03, the seat currently occupied by Tom Udall. His staffers are young idealists. He supports energy independence through use of alternative technologies, sustainable agriculture and universal (even Single Payer) health care, all of which are consistent with the traditions of his ancestors. Come meet Ben Ray and the people of New Mexico Congressional District 03!

Read her profile and also enjoy the wonderful art by Roger Montoya.