teabagger terrorists?

Arizona Man Kills a Latino Man Over SB 1070 Dispute

Juan Daniel Varela< Maricopa County,Arizona

Juan Daniel Varela was the father of a 13-year-old girl and was a third-generation Mexican-American. He was a volunteer Little League coach and proud Phoenix resident.

Juan Daniel Varela is also dead now, after being shot by a bigot, Gary Thomas Kelley, that supports SB 1070. More on this Maricopa County slaying below the fold.

UPDATE 3: Small Plane Crashes Into Government Building in TX

Hat-tip to LordRag of DelphiForums

A small plane, overloaded with fuel, has crashed into a building that housed IRS, CIA and FBI offices, according to the MSNBC.

The "overloaded with fuel" part, when combined with the government building aspect, makes this a candidate for an act of terrorism, but if the act was intentional -- and initial indication by witnesses suggest that the pilot had full control -- the question this: is it an act of foreign, or domestic, terror?

At least one person has already started asking whether this might be a potential example of domestic teabagging terrorism, a.k.a. teabaggers gone over the edge and firmly establishing themselves as a dangerous and unstable new form of domestic terrorist.

More as the situation is updated throughout the day.

[UPDATE - CM1] He left a manifesto? Supposedly and below the fold. [update 2] And the crazy comments pile up:

"Here's What's Insane: LOTS Of People Are Defending Joseph Andrew Stack"

[update 3] And now Joseph Stack has a legion of insane "Don't Tread on Me!" facebook fans. Link and image capture in the comments.