Tech Notes

New Features and New Navigation

A couple of items from the weekend updates.

The "Main" menu that used to appear on the right has been moved to the dropdown menu under "Community" in the upper navigation menu.

On this menu you will also see "Sections".  This is a new feature to help better categorize the content on the site.  There is a new field in the "create Commentary" form called "Sections". If you want your commentary to be included in any of the sections, just select from the dropdown list.

If you have any questions ... drop 'em in the comments. 

ePluribus Media Tech Notes ... Upgrade Edition

Things are slowly coming back to life. Tho, it appears we may have lost the "user pictures in posts" that are uploaded into your profile. [apologies to ya'll for that]. We have added several new features ... if anybody is having problems with posting please leave a comment.

Why we Google

I love my gMail and would hate to ever be parted from it.  I moved away from using MS Outlook because I simply could not control the SPAM.  I hate SPAM (both the email kind and the canned artificial meat kind).  gMail has all but eliminated the SPAM and I don't have to worry about saving my PST file so I have it when I have to reformat my @#$@#$ VISTA laptop.

Report a Bug?!


This is an ongoing commentary to track issues with the functioning of the site.

If you experience any problems, or have any questions on "how-to's", "why's" or the basic operation of the ePluribus Media Community site, please leave a description of your issue in the comments.  You may also send an email using the contact form.

Tech Notes

Just Relax

Yikes! What happened?

Still working on the site.  If you find bugs or other varmits, please leave a comment or send an email.  If a previous problem has been resolved, please leave a reply to your comment reporting the bug to let me know that I have it fixed (and not just on my end).

Just Relax ... poke at the site and send me feedback on any problems you are having or features you see that are missing.  This was a huge upgrade and so far seems to have gone fairly smoothly.

Bear with us as we clean up the debris from the renovations.  You may still find some scaffolding and things lying around.