Terese Svodoba

Interview with Terese Svodoba, author of Black Glasses like Clark Kent

Aaron Barlow interviews Svodoba after reading her searing book Black Glasses like Clark Kent: A GI's Secret from Postwar Japan.

Barlow begins:

“I think it’s unconscionable to train soldiers to kill and then offer them only two years of treatment after they return to recover from the experience of killing.” So wrote Terese Svoboda after I contacted her on finishing reading Black Glasses Like Clark Kent, her exploration of the distant events behind the suicide of her uncle Don. Motivated in part by the suggestion of an emotional connection between the events at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and Don Svoboda's service guarding imprisoned US soldiers soon after WWII, there's an outrage and a sadness in this book turning it from the story of a “Superman” uncle into something of a polemic. At the end of the book, she positively pounds the table.

Read Aaron's questions and Terese's very personal answers on the Journal.

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