Monday Night Open Thread: Elephant Art, Thai Elephant Conservation Center Edition

Good evening. It's Monday, 31 March 2011. There's only about an hour left to this calendar day on the East Coast of the United States as this entry is typed, so it's not a bad time to stop and reflect on the day's events.

What's new in your world?

For this evening's brief bit of "infotainment" here's an elephant - painting elephants on canvas:

In the comments below, share any news or tidbits you might have, or may have learned, from your day. Remember, this is an Open Thread.

Hat-tip to Starshadow of Delphi Forums for the video.

Open Thread -- Black Friday and Dark Times Edition

What does the recent spate of terrorism in Mumbai have in common with the unrest in Thailand and the death of a worker at WalMart?

Not much, 'cept that they are each mentioned in this Open Thread.

Some recent headlines to peruse as the day progresses:

Mumbai Terror Attack Escalates Tensions Between India, Pakistan by Steve Herman, Voice of America News

India: Who are the militants who attacked Mumbai? by Arthur Bright, The Christian Science Monitor

UPDATE 1-SCENARIOS-What's in store for troubled Thailand? By Darren Schuettler, Reuters

Wal-Mart worker dies in Black Friday stampede By Joseph Mallia and John Starkey,

The echoes of George W. Bush's "Go shopping" solution hang rather ominously in the air when one reads that last selection, don't they?

Read, reflect, and add whatever comments or additional news nuggets as appropriate -- this is an Open Thread.