Open Thread - Blackwater Revives Mission

Looks like Blackwater just can't take no for an answer... Now Blackwater wants to train Navy personnel for crisis situations at sea. Wonder how much bucks this is gonna cost us taxpayers???

Security contractor plans training center

April 23, 2008

Although Blackwater Worldwide has given up its plans to build a training center in East County, the government contractor is still seeking a presence in San Diego County.

An Iraqi Gives His Side

Let me get this straight, we invaded a Country for No Reason At All, or if you are to believe the civilian and some military leadership a Number of Reasons that Kept Changing!

We're now into the Sixth Year and We're Training{?} a new Iraq Military Force as well as a Police Force!

Well lets hear, once again, the Iraqi side,

Desertion or a Break? An Iraqi Gives His Side