Military,VA and PTSD Around the Country: Vets Urged To Seek Treatment

A number of reports have sprung up in the last few days following the very tragic shooting by one soldier in killing five of his fellow soldiers at an in country military stress clinic, of which he himself was receiving care.


Military training alone starts the process of the change needed from how most are brought up and what they are taught and told to be able to serve and defend, if needed, this country.


Place these now trained soldiers in a War Zone creating the Occupation of same lasting many years and now in these times many tours being served and not only in one but two and for many the stress of war, what they experience, their individual incidents, what they see, feel, and just know, is overwelming!


They aren't the only ones, think of those who live in these occupied countries! It also isn't only a war that creates the traumatic nightmares, individuals that experience trauma in theirs lives also can suffer, most silently, from those traumas!


Below is a number of recent reports, this subject should have been takin seriously many years ago after finally realizing what War and Trauma can do to a Human Being!


Guantanamo Bay SOP manual From 2004 Leaked

Wikileaks has just released the Guantanamo Bay SOP manual from 2004 which highlights policies that have been changed and those which remain as they were in the previous version from 2003.

As previously reported by various media outlets the Bush administration has held that those detained at Guantanamo Bay's Camp Delta do not fall under the auspices of the Geneva Conventions. There by denying these prisoners any legal protections.