The Ironies of 911


While viewing America's solemn commemoration of the eighth anniversary of 911, I began to reflect upon its many ironies. The very first thing that came to mind was Dick Cheney's claim that Bush administration policies have kept us safe. My second thought was he must think we're crazy - and too many of us are.

When one looks upon the trauma, anger, and pain still etched upon the face of America eight years after the loss of 3000 of its citizens, one can only imagine what the Iraqi people are feeling after the documented murder, by name, of over 101,552 innocent men, women, and Iraqi children. Only after we begin to recognize the gravity of the atrocity that we committed in Iraq will America begin to understand that we will never be safe until we make the people responsible for that carnage accountable for their actions.

Michael Collins: Election Fraud & Tyranny - Part 2. (on Mark Crispin Miller's new book)

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Michael Collins: Election Fraud and Tyranny - Part 2

From image: "I can't believe you morons actually buy this sh..." They don't. They're just
following the script. That's why Miller calls them "the servile press." Banksy

Veruca Comes to Town

S/he wants it now. S/he has literally tons of cash, and bullies and barges into boardrooms everywhere, demanding "change" without knowing exactly what sort of change is required. Insufferable, preening, legends in their own minds, these voracious porcine foragers are motivated and driven by the singular goal of accumulating wealth.

They produce nothing. They build nothing. They invent, discover, manufacture nothing. And in strictly human terms they are worth? Nothing.

Full Circle: Our nation at the crossroads of history

Earlier today, I posted a piece on ePluribus Media's community site entitled Comparison and Contrast: Privacy and Violation of Human Rights. While I crossposted the opening to the piece on DailyKos and DocuDharma, the only the version published on ePluribus Media contained excerpts toward the end of relevant passages from the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.

Throw Out The Hyenas of the Ruling Class

Is there anyone out there who still harbors the delusion that George Bush or most of his administration possesses the slightest shred of human integrity or the tiniest morsel of respect for the truth, for law, for the people of this country or any other?