Open Thread - Alberto Gonzales Bound for TX Tech

Wow...how lucky can we get here in Texas?   


LUBBOCK — Alberto Gonzales, who resigned as U.S. attorney general two years ago, is coming to Texas Tech this fall to teach political science.

Texas Tech Unversity System Chancellor Kent Hance confirmed the hiring on Tuesday.

Single Payer Health Care Would Help Auto Industry

While I originally wrote this in January of 2007, concerning the cost of health care to consumers and service provided, it is equally applicable to the savings for the auto industry. And that is not my opinion, that is the opinion of the successful auto industry management. The ones that aren't asking for a bailout. At the time I wrote this in 2007, each vehicle assembled in the United States cost GM $1,525 for health care; those made in Canada cost GM $197. Probably more savings now since this was written nearly two years ago:

85,000 Homes Foreclosed Last Month

Are you beginning to grasp the scope of this issue? I am watching CNN and they are reporting 85,000 homes had the padlocks put on the front doors of the homes in the final act of foreclosure.

That is almost 2742 homes per day.

That isn't even the high watermark as the flood of foreclosures are killing American families:

A total of 936,439 homes have been lost to foreclosure since the housing crisis hit in August, 2007.

CT Marriage Equality Officially Begins Nov 10th

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Or sometime within that week:

The State Supreme court decision on same-sex marriage becomes official Tuesday with its publication in the Connecticut Law Journal, and that means same-sex couples could be tying the knot in about two weeks.


"It could be the 13th, but it will happen the week of November 10th," Ben Klein, of Gay/Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, said.

Not much time for them to get their wedding plans together... Good luck to any of you that take advantage of actually having EQUAL RIGHTS when it comes to your own personal pursuit of happiness.

Love Makes a Family is looking for donations to help defend this newly minted equality. You know there are wingnuts out there that are already plotting to force their misguided opinions into other peoples' marriages and happiness. Instead of fighting this decision they might do better to invest their political war chest in marriage counseling to figure out just what, exactly, is so wrong that makes their marriages success so dependent on somebody else's personal lives?

I don't know about any of you but my marriage hasn't changed one little bit, nor has it been diminished in any way, since the Supreme Court decision. Figure the odds?