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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Unexpected Consequences - "I've got Two new leads...", Red Bull Edition

Once in a while you run across a product ad that strikes you as funny, insightful or just offbeat enough to be entertaining. When I've seen an ad or two that struck my fancy, I'd sometimes repost it here to share it with others. When I came across this Red Bull ad, I thought it was on-target enough to share - it's offbeat, and highlights the potential unexpected consequences of playing the system with regard to standard / traditional confession. Watch:




Heh...two new leads.

Use this as an Open Thread.

Explosive Consequences

A friend recently made the observation that Sarah Palin's decision to explore -- and probably take aim at -- the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination could result in the ultimate destruction of the (currently highly corrupt and obscenely disingenuously arrogant) Republican Party leadership, politicians / pundits and all.

I think that's possible and agree, but within a half-a-tick of reading my friend's words I had another thought.

A much darker one, and one that is at least equally likely to occur.

Here's what my friend said:


Even if she doesn't win the nomination, the damage she can do will be incredible -- because she's such a selfish drama queen she'll pitch a destructive hissy-fit when she loses and her supporters will sit on their hands for the nominee.


And here are my thoughts on it:


There's another, darker aspect that we need to keep in mind, too: the folks who initiated the Tea Party did so by igniting and provoking the "Borg" of the radical right.

Those various bonfires have been steadily stoked and fed, all the while building a much larger supply of potential powder kegs made from smoke, mirrors, straw and excrement.

If the 'baggers feel they've been swindled out of having "their" victory (through the vagaries of fortune and a new mystical rite called 'Democracy'), they're likely to set themselves off.

It's like building a LEGO robot that moves by pogo stick, then steadily loading it with old sticks of dynamite and nitro, and tying it all to mercury-filled deadman's switch.

The GOP's lost sight of the controller for their ill-conceived LEGO robot-monster, and it's not going to be pretty.

And there may be far more unintended consequences, and casualties, than even the GOP's most stalwart murderers and thieves would be comfortable with.


So, there you have it: the potential for the law of unexpected consequences to rear up and bite us all in collective ass.

What do you think? Please jump in and discuss with us in comments below.


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Saturday Morning Open Thread: What Could Possibly Go Wrong, xkcd Edition

Today is Saturday, the fifth of December in the year 2009.

I wonder if Cornyn and Vitter are feeling a bit like the teacher in the panel below right about now, when their attempt to sponsor an amendment designed to embarrass Democrats into opting out of the Public Option attracted several Democratic co-sponsors, effectively causing the faux legislation to blow up in their faces and become a tool that might just help get a ~robust~ Public Option passed into law...?

Consequences seem all the more dire whenever accompanied by comments like 'I've never seen so much blood.'
Click to enlarge. Attribution: xkcd.1

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This is an Open Thread.