Al Jazeera English: Iraqis flee Cairo for safety in Baghdad

Much of the world is absorbed in the transformative events taking place across Egypt, the 85 million-person leader of the Arab world.

So have we.  I have been unable to break away from the live stream video @ Al Jazeera English until I was forced to when the stream proved unavailable this morning and I had to search up an alternative real time source, at Youtube

I thought that it must be time to step back a bit, towards normalcy, and all of the things that pile up on top of the priority list which must come before volunteering effort here...until I saw the headline for this video, and found the need to post it.

Thank God for Al Jazeera English, I remember back when the US had such media!

Iraqis flee Cairo for safety in Baghdad

I hope for the best, safest outcome possible to the people of Egypt and Iraq, and one that leaves to people of each country a destiny they choose and make for themselves. 

Couple of things to help Egyptians use the Internet

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Just grabbing and posting a couple of things that might help Egyptians and increasing numbers of their neighbors use the Internet when it is turned on.

One item for us Arabic-challenged surfers, http://www.commondreams.org/uprising .

Help Egypt by Joining the TOR Cloud

Here's what you can do. Contributing to the Tor network requires a bit of technical savvy and a devotion of your time and your computer's resources. If that's you, and you're willing to learn about the Tor network, help reopen these channels of communication by joining the Global Proxy Cloud (instructions linked on the right). Through a download of Tor, a free anti-censorship program developed by The Tor Project, a computer running a Tor bridge over an extended period can help the network run faster.

Here are a couple of things I passed on to an Egypt-linked friend last night.

Sam Spade Network Information Tool

You might also pass on this tool for investigating network information, http://www.softpedia.com/get/Network-Tools/Network-Tools-Suites/Sam-Spade.shtml ,
It's what I used to ping hosts in dot eg.

Lastly, an article describing its use.