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US Job Cuts, The Official Republican Recession and Thou

Gee, this is just peachy:

Job cuts at highest level since '02
Planned payroll reductions surge 61% in November, according to an outplacement firm.

Combine this with the news that our status as being in a recession since December of 2007 that just came out:

Recession started in December 2007: panel

Now, take a look at the piece I'd posted (not much more than a pointer, really) from December of 2007:

The Official Republican Recession Has Begun

I got a lot of wingnuts screaming bloody murder about my statement -- some are likely still in denial, willing to claim that ~saying~ it was a recession turned it ~into~ a recession (several tried that one at the time) -- and one really has to wonder why and how the Republicans have ~ever~ been able to maintain the illusion (delusion?) that they know anything about economics. Aside from how to steal and how to protect the wealthiest top 1% of America's elite, of course.

They seem to know a ~lot~ about that.

...guess I shouldn't remind 'em about my take on the bailouts, either.