Do you deserve to die?

The Forgotten Question in the Health Care Debat

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Do you deserve to die?

Do your friends and family?

Michael Collins

Scenario 1: You've just been diagnosed with a cancer of the lymphatic system.  You're told that it requires a procedure within the next two weeks.  Unfortunately, you were laid off from your corporate job 11 months, 30 days ago.  You are on your last day of COBRA.  Your company retirement and savings are all gone.  You can't afford the $1,200 a month premium needed to continue your coverage.  Without the operation, you will die.  Do you deserve to die?

Scenario 2: Your spouse has a long history of illness.  Then you discover she has a virulent infection that, if untreated, threatens to disable her to the point where she's immobile and requires 'round the clock medical care.  You work for yourself.  While you have catastrophic health insurance, it doesn't cover the needed treatment nor does it provide for nursing care.  Does your wife deserve to experience this untreated sickness and suffering until her premature death?

Nick Benton's Corner: Aborting Inflation


Posted with permission of Nicholas Benton, Owner Editor of the Falls Church News Press.

Aborting Inflation

by Nicholas Benton

The news came yesterday that for only the seventh month since 1947, October 2008 marked a one-percent decline in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), suddenly raising the specter of things far worse than a mere recession, but a deflation and depression.

There's no indication that there will be a turnaround any time soon, and public and private financial policies seem to be exacerbating, not correcting, the problem. Unabated financial exploitation to line the pockets of the super rich, while real wages for American workers have fallen in the decade, is the legacy of the worst U.S. administration in history that has brought us to the brink of another Great Depression.