Lets See Now, 'Supporting The Troops'

What do those three words really mean in this ever so Rich, Powerful, and Patriotic Country of Ours, not to mention Supposedly Christian as well?

Is it just the mouthing of?

If a politician, which some call a profession, is it the wearing of a Flag Lapel Pin?
I have one I wear on my Veterans For Peace ballcap Turned Upside Down!!!

Is it little cheap Magnetic Yellow Ribbons that have those words printed on them, and seem to have rapidly disappeared?

We once had a conflict, we have 'The Wall' of remembrance of 58,000 lives lost in that conflict.

Veterans' Suicide Risk {Updated}

Last night, 11-13-2007, CBS News had an Exclusive Report on Returning Iraq and Afganistan Veterans who committed Suicides, it was a stunning report, and once again showed the Lessons of 'Nam Not Learned, by an Apathedic, Flag Waving, War Cheering, America!

Below you will find four of the Video's, from CBS, on this report, the links, repeated after each, will give you Much More if you visit the CBS News Site.