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Monday Review: Past Pieces -- The Monkey Trap and Acinetobacter

I've often found it interesting to traverse the sands of time and excavate various archives for a glimpse and reminder of what has come before and what was predicted for the future. Humanity is a curious species, at times reaching out and exploring with eyes wide with innocense and at other times galloping headlong into the unknown, sometimes deriving dubious benefit from the journey and at other times pushing the wellspring of human experience to dizzying new heights -- and depths.

Often, critics and nay-sayers intone odd phrases like "curiousity killed the cat" in their efforts to halt or slow what they see as inevitable bad ideas on the horizon, while enthusiasts oft cry words of encouragement and bravado like "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" or cryptic pseudo-wisdom like the sage "a journey of discovery begins with the first step" or "one must spread his wings in order to fly."

Somewhere in the middle, the folks generally regarded as old stodgy grandparents of caution interject terms and tidbits like "walk before you run" and "every time one door closes, another opens" -- the latter is perhaps intended to encourage the more zealous to look around instead of alighting upon the closed doors with plastique and battering rams.