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On The Anger Over The DHS Security Report {UpDated}

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Yesterday I put up a post you can find here {this link takes you to my site} on the recent DHS report that came out and many were extremely angry about as to labeling OIF and OEF Veterans as possible recruits to fanatical rightwing hate groups. The spin being it was labeling All Returning Vets as a possible problem, it didn't, but a few Veterans Groups and The talking heads and Congressional members of the Republican party wanted the spin to come out as that.

Today a friend posted a link to editorial from a Vietnam Vet, at my facebook page, which hits on some of the winger responses himself, and I responded about a Real Incident of Actual Negative Labeling of Many Veterans, these with Honorable Discharges. As you all know less than already gives the negative in the civilian world.

There was a huge stink with us returning Vietnam Veterans when this was found out and there was a re-issue of new DD214's to any who requested or even found out about this.

DeJa-Vu: Vets Looking To Slash Veterans Program Funding Already {UpDate 3}

Not even waiting for the debacles to end and all the soldiers to come home, where have I seen this All before!

AWOL: Soldiers and Suicide

The caller wasn't coherent.

All I could gather was that he'd been to Iraq and now he thought he was going crazy. At first he wasn't talking about what was wrong with him, but what was wrong with his insurance coverage. He was rambling, yelling, cussing, crying. I thought he was a recent veteran, but then it sounded like he was still active duty. I couldn't tell if he was out of the military or still in it. He wasn't able to answer my questions, so I let him vent for a while.

When he stopped to breathe I asked: "you mean you're active duty, now? You're in the military?"

Well sir, right now I'm AWOL.

American Legion Scamming Veterans?

They want you Vets to believe they're not, it's All a Mistake!

Or so they , quickly? backtracked, only after one Retired Air Force Major, Robert Hanafin, sent the letter to ABC News, you'll find that link, in PDF, below as well as they're apology in PDF.

Bobby, is not one you want to piss off.

Oh and it seems the Veterans Charities, those given extremely low grades on actually helping Veterans, while doing more to help themselves, are still playing their game, more about that below.