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Veterans Have Big Win in Federal Court

Originally posted 2008-01-12 06:49:34 -0600. - standingup

I'm taking the liberty to crosspost an Important Diary, from yesterdays DKOS, with permission from Melissa Kasnitz, who replied to me to pass on the News Release. What better than just the News Release but her whole Post, links and all, also added a few more at bottom.

Melissa Posted This Yesterday Over At DKOS, it quickly moved off the list even before I caught it when I got home from work. it's now been Rescued, if you have a KOS account Visit Link and Rate It, as well as the comments, Up today, 1-12-08, so that it gets the readers it should, and is brought back from obscurity to the Rec List, and Visit the Embedded Links to find out More!

On Thursday, a federal court ruled that a lawsuit regarding VA’s failure to provide appropriate health care and benefits to veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can go forward. The case claims that the VA benefit system is unconstitutional because of extreme delays in determining whether veterans are entitled to support. The case also argues that VA fails to provide health care to veterans, even those that are suicidal. The plaintiffs are two veterans groups, Veterans for Common Sense and Veterans United for Truth. The lawyers representing the plaintiffs are Disability Rights Advocates, a nonprofit lawfirm in Berkeley, California, and Morrison & Foerster, a large private lawfirm headquartered in San Francisco.