Monday Morning Open Thread -- The Very Model Of A Modern U.S. President, Barack Obama of Penzance Edition

Ronnie Butler has produced a fantastic riff off the Pirates of Penzance show tune Major-General's Song.

Watch the video as 'Barack Obama' sings "I am the very model of a modern US President" and enjoy. :)

And remember, this is an Open Thread.

Hat-tip LizArt of DelphiForums.

Israel did not get all the video...

Nor did they get all of the photos. From Phoenix Woman:

Footage The IDF Didn't Steal: The Killings on the Mavi Marmara

As many of you know, the IDF did its best to try and keep the people on the Gaza Freedom Flotillas from being able to contact the outside world during the Israeli assaults on them.  Radio frequencies were jammed during the attack and all cameras, cellphones, computers -- anything that could have been used to record and/or transmit information -- were "confiscated" (read: stolen) from the passengers and crew by the IDF.

But they didn't get it all.

Just as chief correspondent Paul McGeough and the photographer Kate Geraghty of the Sydney Morning Herald hid some photos, Iara Lee managed to get some video past the Israeli dragnet, and showed an hour's worth of it today at the United Nations.

More [HERE].

Israel had better learn that piracy at sea, just another form of terrorism and like any other crime, does not pay.

Below the fold, Amy Goodman interviews journalist Iara Lee and has a snippet of some of the exclusive video footage from the attack, footage that has been made available to the UN and those investigating this attack:

How often do you get to see the mistress interview her married GOP politician/lover?

Thank you for this original and interesting twist in "family values" Republican sex scandals, Rep. Souder, as we actually get to see a discussion on abstinence between Mark Souder and his mistress and part time staffer, Tracy Jackson:

No word on whether or not sex tapes will be rolling out soon...

Michael Collins Reports from WikiLeaks Press Conference - "Collateral Murder, Baghdad July 12, 2007"

[Ed Note - CM1] originally posted on 2010-04-05 15:55:33 -0400. Bumping because it is a hugely important issue.

Report from the W'ikiLeaks Press Conference

By Michael Collins

(April 5, Washington, DC) Julian Assange and Wikileaks kept their promise of February 20 by releasing a video tape that shows civilians and reporter deaths from an attack by United States forces. The tape was presented at a 9:00 am press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Before the conference began, Assange described this as a "very rich story." He opened with a brief statement and then showed the video tape.

Google Wave

Originally posted just a short while before the Open Thread (2009-11-30 08:17:14 -0500), I've bumped it back to the top because I posted w/o looking both ways before crossing the river. :) -- GH

One of the things that intrigued me, originally, was one of the reviews saying it would be good for Community Blogs and Bloggers wanting to research and work on pieces together. I asked one of my Blog friends (Bob Morris) that had been using it for a while if he thought it would be good for just that and he agreed that it would. So I signed up a while back for Google Wave and it does have a lot of functionality for people that are working on projects
together. I finally got in there this weekend (you might have to wait
a while if you sign up today) and was poking around in their Beta version.

I can also say that it is on the road to becoming everything they said it would be, and then some. It is good for messaging, sharing a video, images or to share any bits or pieces of info you might find out there on the net. And everyone or anyone you share it with can add to whatever you post, easily, if you want them to.

To add to the functionality of the site? Little bonus apps you can add to your personal Google Wave tool box like:

  • Ribbit for conferencing - Ribbit is a fully programmable communications platform that
    allows web developers to integrate telephony and messaging capabilities
    into any workflow or application. Combining Ribbit with Google Wave means real-time, asynchronous
    audio streams can now be inserted into any Wave.
    Participants can collaborate using voice in live
    conference sessions and by leaving audio messages.
    Both of these streams become an integral part of the
    Wave collaboration process, providing additional channels
    of communication and significantly enhancing the overall
    Wave collaboration experience.
  • 6Rounds - Want to talk abouit a video you want to use and how to use it in a post or how to edit material from one to use in a certain post? Yeah... I know, it looks like a typical flirt place BUT, I also know some video Bloggers that will enjoy and recognize the functionality of this in Google Wave for VBlogging.

There is a lot of other stuff that you will like. This seems to be the most functional tool for political Blogging (for any kind of Blogging) I have seen in years. In fact, I can't think of any business that will not see some kind of use for it. And the sooner you sign up for it the sooner you will see what I mean.

Dean: "Sanders has got the right idea, You might as well kill this thing"

Gov. Howard Dean on MSNBC:

"The biggest time bomb in the short run is the Public Option. Without a Public option, basically the activists of the Democratic party sit on their hands in 2010. Obama is not on the ballot. There's no reason to go out and vote for a Democratic Congressman or give them any money if they can't pass a healthcare bill that's worth anything. And that's a huge problem for the Democrats if its not in there and so it looks like some of the, a few of the folks aren't going to let it in there. [snip] [The Public Option] has been watered down, it's about as as watered down as it can get and still be a real bill. So there's not a lot left in this bill. For example, there's really no insurance reform in this bill. [snip] I think Sanders has got the right idea. You might as well kill this thing because the people are going to be furious if it passes if it doesn't have a Public option."

Also, over at HuffPo and via TomP at dKos, Howard Dean makes a few points that some who are willing to pass a crappy bill are ignoring:

'Playing For Change' Peace!

And Peace Through Music
How Producer Mark Johnson put it all together.

Morning Edition, May 4, 2009 - Until a video of "Stand by Me" had gone viral on YouTube, Roger Ridley had sung and played guitar anonymously on the streets of Santa Monica, Calif., for years. The video begins with Ridley and then mixes in 40 other musicians from around the world. It's part of a 10-song collection called Playing for Change: Songs Around the World.
Producer Mark Johnson got the idea a few years ago when he heard Ridley's voice on a street in Santa Monica.
"I approached him after the performance and said, 'Hey, if I come back in an hour with some recording equipment and cameras, I'd love to record you, film you, add musicians around the world to it,' " Johnson says. "And he looked at me really funny, sort of thought I was crazy. But he said, 'OK, if you come back, we'll do it.' "..................Rest Here with Video Links to a Couple of the Songs
Brings up the NPR Player to Listen to Discussion

The Devolution of ID: Exposing "Expelled" with 'Expelled Exposed'

From here, hat-tip Chaosopher Legend Bandog:

Why? ...why not? Facts, reason and sanity need to return to this nation sometime. Let's start with the beginning...or ~not~ the beginning, as this video exposes -- and expels -- "Expelled" as any sort of documentary and places it firmly into the anti-science creationist category.

Consider this an Open Thread.

Open Source: A great beginning for the New Year