Vietnam Era

Military Enthusiasts Re-Enact Vietman .. Why For God's Sake ?

First let me say it's been a month since I posted anything here on ePluribus, mostly because my other blogs, including a couple of new ones have kept me quite busy and I really hadn't found any subject matter to lend itself worth some commentary here.

That is until now.

Vietnam War Era is the Focus.....

Vietnam War Era is the Focus of Three Exhibitions at the Virginia Historical Society this Summer

Imagine being a black Army soldier serving your country in the jungles of Vietnam knowing that when you return to the states, your life and culture will be in complete upheaval because of the Civil Rights Movement. Imagine being a Marine lying on a canvas bunk on a troopship with thousands of young men on a three-week journey to Vietnam. Imagine being shot down over Vietnam in 1966 and being a prisoner of war for seven years. You do not have to imagine these situations—they will be presented at the Virginia Historical Society (VHS) from June 6th to August 30th in three exhibitions about the Vietnam era: Soul Soldiers: African Americans and the Vietnam Era, Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam, and Bring Paul Home: Phyllis Galanti and Vietnam War POWs. In addition, the society is offering free admission to all while the exhibits are on display this summer as a way to honor military personnel who served in the Vietnam War and their families...........Press Release Here

For anyone in the area interested in attending!