Torture: VIPS Calls for Full, Truthful Public Fact-finding Process

Promoted. Originally posted 2009-04-30 15:52:59 -0500. -- GH

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity have issued a memorandum to President Obama calling for a full, truthful, public fact-finding process, either in the form of an investigation by a panel of judges, or as a Congressional investigation modelled on the Church committee of the 1970's.

The "action" part of their Memorandum reads as follows:

We of VIPS call for a full, truthful, and public fact-finding process to begin without delay.  We ask that you give careful consideration to Senator Carl Levin's suggestion that the attorney general appoint retired judges with solid reputations for integrity to begin the process.  Another viable possibility would be the appointment of an independent "blue-ribbon commission," perhaps modeled on the Church Committee of the mid-Seventies, to assess any illegal or improper activities and make recommendations for reform in government operations against terrorism.

We commend the administration for releasing the Department of Justice memos attempting to legalize torture.  We believe the remaining relevant information must be released promptly so that the citizenry can make informed judgments about what was done in our name and, if warranted, an independent prosecutor can be appointed without unnecessary delay.  We believe strongly that any judgments regarding amnesty, forgiveness, or pardon can only be made on the basis of a fully developed, public record-and not used as some sort of political bargaining chip.  Finally, we firmly oppose the notion that anyone can arrogate a right to ignore the Nuremburg Tribunal's rejection of "only-following-orders" as an acceptable defense.

The memorandum includes a short statement about the orginis of the group and its activities under the Bush administration. A list of signers is appended, along with an appendix of "other experienced intelligence personnel" from diverse branches of the services, who have spoken out publically.

The full text with the appendix can be found here at