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President Obama heard Doctor Flowers, the White House Summit should listen!

Dr. Margaret Flowers Confronts President Obama Fillmore Auditorium, Denver Colorado February 18, 2010. What's better, however, is that he heard her and responded live, to the full-house audience. (Watch the video, very cool!).

This week he and the White House Summiteers must listen!


"Margaret Flowers invites everybody to the Sidewalk Summit on Thursday, Feb 25th. Gather at 9 am on Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House (north side) to hear why Medicare for All is the solution.

If you can't be in DC, then hold your own.

But spread the video around, Obama Heard Flowers, make the White House listen now!

Also, below the jump

FEBRUARY 25th -- ACTIONS IN SUPPORT OF MEDICARE FOR ALL IN DC AND NYC! Participate and Support where you can!

I Guess My "Dodd Protesters" Video is Going Viral?

Both Rachel Maddow and KO on Countdown picked up this video of mine and I caught it late last night after others pointed it out to me. The video of some seriously insane Dodd bashers was also picked up at some of the bigger Blogs around the net, yesterday. Some material that I xposted from ePluribus Media to dKos, yesterday, and reposted today to get a few more eyeballs on it.

Josh Marshal points to a post at TPM DC where they picked up the Dodd suicide video, as did The Political Carnival where GottaLaff was nice enough to link back here when she found out I did the video. Also, it was put up early yesterday morning by tparty at MLN when I pointed it out to them. Thanks kindly for picking it up. Via avahome, AMERICAblog picked it up too. I guess it is going a bit viral now? Well? "Dump Dodd" was complaing that they didn't get any exposure from the event... You are welcome! snickers. More Below The fold...