DXC hosts young volunteers for Global Youth Service Day

DAYTON – For the fourth straight year, the Dayton Christian Center (DXC) will partner with the United Way of Dayton’s Volunteer Connection Center to host youth volunteers as they join forces for Global Youth Service Day. This year, Global Youth Service Days occur on April 15 and 16 with the DXC Bright Youth, Better Dayton project taking place on Friday, April 15.

As with last year’s project, the young people will be going about the neighborhood around DXC picking up trash and generally cleaning up the environment. Each student will be issued protective gloves and bright, reflective vests for safety reasons.

“Our mission statement is ‘Enriching and Empowering Lives, One Choice at a Time,’ DXC Associate Executive Director Sarah Williams said recently. “We see that as a quality of life issue as well as quantity. We feel that a nicer, cleaner, more attractive neighborhood is also a safer one, and one where people can enjoy life more and take more pride in it, too.”


Remembering a 9/11 the GOP wants you to forget: Community servants raced TO tragedy at WTC

organically homegrown from grassroots, by luaptifer and cho

While the City fled in terror, true heroes struggled to get to where half a thousand of them ended up giving their lives trying to make the rest of us safe. Seven years later, the morning's crystal clear beauty was the metaphor of authentic American spirit. That spirit is there in the photo below, no matter what charred edifice is in the foreground, and it adrenalized the hundreds of first responders and volunteers in their final acts, acts of true heroic community service.

After seven paradoxical years, most Americans solemnly honored the service of both dead and surviving emergency responders on September 11th, 2008. But just one week before, that spirit was betrayed by desperate politicians attempting to tarnish an opponent, but, instead, trashed the fundamental backbone of an America which rushes to help those in need.

"What in God's name is a community organizer? I don't even know if that's a job."

Tomas to pRes. dick, "We Didn't Volunteer Where You Sent Us to Go"

"Many of us volunteered with patriotic feelings in our heart, only to see them subverted and bastardized by the administration and sent into the wrong country. Yes, we volunteered, but we didn¹t volunteer were you sent us to go."

PhotobucketParalyzed Iraq Vet Responds to Cheney: "We Didn't Volunteer Where You SentUs to Go"

Fall Newsletter -- A Time to Turn

There is a season* - And a time for every purpose under heaven

Here we are almost into fall -- dog days of summer are upon us. It was a busy summer for all of us ePluribus Media, with conferences, conventions and other "busy work." We will do our best to get you all caught up, but if we missed something, or someone, please give us a shout out!

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